July 17, 2008

hate it!!!

yay!ad's dh blk last sunday from thailand(sah la penat.duk kat laut 3 bulan,huhuhuh dhsyat ooo lol...).neways,didnt get to meet him coz had to go back to UIA time die blk.dh la b'day die.hopefully fathiin manages to finish the card she's been doin for him.
*sigh* anyone knows y some1 would feel so damn lazy??seriously,this really bugs me now.i mean,dude,ur in UNI la.get a grip!!keep telling myself tat yet xde effect lor.heck,we we're supposed to talk infront of the class bout anythin.me?i only came up with my topic right after madam masuk kelas.imagine,ur name would be called up any minute n ur freaking clueless bout wat to say.figured,y not just find something n berleter bout it.heck,its an open topic rite.sape kesah whether its lame or not.turns out,it was lame.boring too i think.so i just had to speak n speak n wish it to finish.Identification.i think tat was my topic.who knows.all i did was say somethin bout matrix card,nametag,ic etc.
well tats one thing settle.the real thing is just around the corner.tho im the 10th person,im already shaking.come on la.nk kena siapkan some visual aids which i havent even decide.either mahjong paper or powerpoint.either way,backup kena ade.learn from ur experience.xmo kelam kabut like always kekekeke.besides tat,y la gurls cerewet huh?ngade2 nk benda cepat.oits,bahan kat tempat ni terhad.nk cepat2.sekeh hang baru tau!!
yeap.things r jusssst great.

p/s:to member2 kat sane tu,hope u peeps r ok. just sabar for a while.insyaAllah things will turn out ok nnti.dugaan je.che' bwk bertenang yek.xpn gi marah kat depa tu hehehe..
n to ust nijam,hapi bday to u.may u be bless for all the great things u did for me n my frens back in adni.honestly,i've learned not only maths but also bout life from u.thank u ustaz.

July 12, 2008


so its been wat??3 weeks already since i came to UIA.boy,do i feel "great".1 sem.1 freaking sem which is about 5 months is it,i'll only be focusing on bio,math,eng n arab.i was like,wat the?where r the subjects i really need to focus on?come on la.
yeah2,i know.i gotta relax.dont be so tension2,as wat people had been saying to me for 2-3 years back.ade yg suke klo camni.unfortunately,im not of of 'em.this is university,not high school.sure i miss the good old times,playing around at the field,missing class,tido sampai kena komen mcm,but alhmd,i was still able to sambung my studies now with the result i got(ya Allah,aku bersyukur padaMu....).yeah2,i know im doing nursing.so wat?just shut up la people.klo ade rezeki,ill change to medic.if not,just sambung je la nursing.its a good thing k!all i want to do is help people k.if u guys wanna laugh till perut korang pecah or watever,buat la.i just start studying on things i should,sambung elsewhere from this place which really transforms me to something else(sape yg phm2,toksah la habaq kat org ramai),get a job,n not disappointing people who has put sooo much hope on me.atleast for now,i just have to bear another 18 months(if dpt buat short sem) in this place.*sigh*,just have to sabar la listening to the dude singing nite after nite in the room,the duo saying this n that.well,atleast some people can relax here.orang dh pandai kan,nak buat camne hehehehe.lain la cam kita.
wat the heck did i write bout??ahhhh,nvm.

July 4, 2008

moving on.....

12th may was the day i started my life not as a high schooler,but one step closer to uni.darn time does past fast..

well neways,12th to 16th was minggu orentasi.heck smua kena lalui these things so xheran...so nways,finished with that,MPPB was officially done so we had to focus on our studies.its a freaking 1 year program people,go study la!!!basicly i ad to force myself.come on la,matrix is different dari ADNI k.its bloody different k.no more this, no more that.straight to the point.u gotta catch up.if not,ur toast.gone.kicked out.wat else??ermm phm2 je la.ape2 yg leh kaitkan wit those k....
so,had lectures(nasib la dpt group lecture sikit kuikuikui.klo x,alamat kena duk tangga la kat dlm hall tu),tutor,practical.tho i wasnt pleased at first.but alhmd,things went better.lectures became...fun i guess.especially bio n math.who wouldnt feel so.come on la,mdm wan n encik anuar sporting wat.ok2,sir tiong pn best gak.xhabis2 dgn air gula die tuh kekekeke..tutor was quite the same.senang cito,smua best lor.tp best2,3 minggu dh kena test huhuhuh=(.kinda sad la xdpt prform sgt.espcially time chem,y the heck was tat song doing in my head?!!!!sabo jela..
hidup kat sane mmg la penat.lagi2 terpencil.but hey,theres a good thing bout it too.for starters,permandangan cantik.peaceful seyh(if only la ade camera,damm puas hati..sheesh).best gak dgr citer mcm2 sane.bab makcik jual kuih kat tingkap,pasal tulang kat dorm laki.mcm2 la kat sane.but weekends,outing la skali skale.me?gotta check my eyes lor.imagine sitting at the back row,nasib x ramai.tp mata kena gak kenyit.pergh,seksa seyh.
1st bus from kolej was at 8.30 so xleh la nk tido2 after subuh.so by 8 singgah bilik 327(i got the top floor k so no complain2!!!byk cekadak hang zat,hang letih.aku lagi letih yerk)n tgk2 the guys dh siap.nash boleh lak kasi alasan mcm2 xleh ikut.ish3,sekeh gak hang.aizat lak nk cucuk duit,so had to detour sikt singgah atm(1 atm for a few thousand students.mane la cukup ish3).alhmd xde org nk cucuk pagi2 xcept those nk outing tat day.time tunggu,the JPP sibuk berlari2 bawak bata pusing kampus.siap nyanyi somethin,i dunno(fyi,had pilihanraya on 14th utk JPPs).so yeah,siap2,tgk2 bas penuh.terpaksa la diri the whole way to JJ which took us 30mins.pls la,for us nk outing,we only got JJ,Tesco,IP n GM to go to.but ok ape the place.mcm2 ade.tp xsmpt la nk gi smua since kitrg ke GM utk buat spek(thnx oba for the info yerk).1jam je siap,sape xmo buat kan.dh la terkejt beruk tgk2 mata dh teruk huhuhuhuh.siap spek,kena la tunggu smpai pkul 3 utk bas ke kolej.kitorang pn jln la ke IP lak sbb nash kate dekat(hampeh mat,hang mmg ngigau tau x!!!)jauh gile.dh la panas tat day.mmg la nasib.nk dkt 20-30 mins br la smpai.smpt la pusing2 b4 blk kolej.
well didnt xpect tat would b the last time outing kat perak coz on wed,i got a called from UIA saying i got accpted.i was like,what???mane xnye.i was getting ready nk gi poco2 beramai tetiba my phone rang n the guy said,"anda diterima untuk masuk ke UIA.pendaftaran hari ahad pukul 8-12."dude,im in Perakla.klo ye pn inform la awal2!!!*sigh*another choice to make.....
so yeah,ends up i quit matrix to sambung at UIA.12th may-20jun.
did i made the right choice???
or was it the wrong choice??
honestly,even i dont have a clue myself..................

sori to all my mates from kmpk:
  • bilik L1,t4-0:4 sha,mail,shin chan,rai,teoh n fakha.
  • bilik L1,t3-27:nazmi,nash,aizat(mu kat aus baik2 heheh.sian kawan kito tu huhuhuh)
  • ex-gurneys:fatin,wan n afiq(jd JPP elok2)
  • budak2 tutor 30:din,sham,muiz,nik,nazreen,awie(tq tlg kat pudu),salli,betty,zurin,siti,mmbr kampungku hani,bella,pea,khairia,nurul,sadrina,syafiqa,izzah,vesha,savena,hanirah(bisa kita ckp bahasa timur lagik heheh),jia xin,ming di,the sisters,ina,anom yg skrg buat TESL,n mmbr2 yg lain
  • budak2 kompang & RM:haziq,yin,fauzan,faizul,ehsan,fendi,tajol(tq tlg gua yek),bat,leader zul,chawe,kamil,awi,mawi,hafiz,nor,etc
  • sir anuar,sir tiong,mdm wan,mdm wahida,mdm zurina,miss rohani,miss liza,miss azwa,thx for all the knowldge n a great time during ur lectures,tutors n practicals
  • kmm094:miss nurul-huda(thx miss for the lift),ober,fazli,ihsan,nani,mas,izzah,adam,hooi keng,amin