August 20, 2008

MEDCY's 1st years vs 2nd years

Finally,sempat gak la buat site-checking kat Xtreme Park(where we were supposed to have our paintball match here but xjd due to some technical problems...*sigh*).for starters,its big people,really BIG.ngan hutan, la.u can do a lot of activities there.cuma kena tahan jauh die je la hehehe.sempat gak main a few rounds of paintball with fuzz n his mates.min capture the flag for 3 rounds then main style kamikaze,muahahahaha(WARNING!!dont try this at home k kids.only under adult supervision...hehehe).u'd end up having loads of bruises which may stay for a few days or weeks.who
Neways,the nite whr we've all been waiting 4.....who whould have thought we end up having a match with the 2nd strongest team n seri lak tuh.perghhh(bak kate bro faiz from KMPk ngahahahaha)..but damn,they sure were tough.every second on the field felt like minutes.being on the same field,aiyo,terasa pressure die tu.berpeluh-peluh badan.especiallu during the 1st half.heck,our playmaker had class tat nite(great timing dude..."-_-),poey was MIA(heard he was injured or something.mane la org tau.nvr got a word from him..),bun pn ade kelas gak.arghhh,gile pening seyh.faz,fiq,zani,smua dh risau dh.we were like,"weh2,org xde ni.kate kat senior cancel jela."mane xnye,they came with their red jerseys,fully pumped n ready to kick our buts on the field.dh la dgn slang2 kelate & trengganu.sape x cuak klo cmtu.dh la we barely manage to get enuf people for a squad.but Alhamdulillah,dtg gak la bdak2 tu.eventho bkn first time,lantak la.dh xde org so nk xnk,kena la main gak.
surprisingly,we manage to put up a fight gak especially our midfielders.tackles happend everywhr on the field.defense,offense.few people got injured but still managed to teruskan.bukan slalu dpt lawan dgn seniors,rite??us defenders had to face the toughest challenge.all the strikers were so damn lincah.mcm lipas lak.laju nk mmpus.lincah lak tu.not to mention,both wingers from the left n right were good.pass je bola,mesti sampai kaki member.waduh,penat seyh.nk pengsan dh kat padang tu.nasib la ade lg yg dtg so pas 1st half tukar player.
main2 punye pasal,tgk2 dpt la gak seri.boleh tahan la far,xde record kalah lagi.won against ICT,then a draw with the seniors.quite good meh heheehe.myb next match lawan ENGIN or PRESS.who knows.yg penting,gotta rest the body.
but hey,atleast we got to prove somethin."we MEDCY xskema yek" lol......

August 16, 2008


darn it..hate it!hate it!hate it!!!!bakabakabaka!!!
susah gile la papers sem ni.wat the heck was the questions?? think tat those question would come out..well no use complaining..mid sems over,just gotta look ahead..Finals.yeah2,eventho lepas raya,cant afford messing it up..or nt,pointer jatuh.mampos yo..
tapi pape pn,since br je hbis,gotta relax myself a bit..keep getting advics to chil out so wat the heck.y not rite??also,klo tension,boleh la lepaskn kat padang on monday nite.yep2,another match but this time,MEDCY 2nd year yg ajak.wonder how it'll go.facing last year's second best time of CFS.scary ooo yg penting,ENJOY!!! =P

August 6, 2008


fuh, a week almst full with activities berkaitan dgn MEDCY...penat gak ek lol..
yeah2,wat the was fun,so no complaining bout it.hmm lets see.....
owh,monday nite,first time MEDCY's 1st year lawan ICT's 1st year.had a hard time tracking people yg boleh main bola for our society.fortunately,time nk lawan,cukup la gak org dtg.Alhamdulillah.kinda hectic gak la yeah,it was our first time playing together as a team since sblum ni mane penah ade match pape.time tu gak la nk taa'ruf skit accpt for those under Sprt & Rec.anyhow,match started nearly around 10pm or something n yeah,we played a full 90 min k.not,60,not 70,but 90min!!fuh,seriously pancit ooo main.mane la larat sgt.dh la dgn semput nye huhuhuh.but shockingly,MEDCY did a good the end,we won 3-1,yeehaaaaaaaaaa!thanx to the seniors who came down supporting us tat nite walaupn malam2 buta.n to the ICT senior's,korang mmg sporting.siap ade lagu lagi hehehe."Apa yang penting....KERJASAMA!!"yeah tat was really fun huhuhuh..
owh yeah,meji also called us 4 a meeting the other nite to discuss bout our next event.PAINTBALL!!!!cant wait tho.finally we decided to make it on the 23rd instead of the 30th(org nak balik kampung..merdeka kan kuikuikui....).guys,gurls,be prepared.once ur there,u'll b coming home with bruises n lebams kekekeke.tho i didnt mention it to ne1.but dnt wori la,yg penting its fun & exciting yet scary at the same time heheh..
so yeah,hope things will b goin as gotta focus on this freaking big bio book..darn la..y la kena buat exam after cuti.nk relax pn susah huhuhuhuhuh