March 26, 2009

1st tag????ape jela

makcik2,mentang2 org ngah cuti..haih,betuah jek..

::: What is the relationship of you and him/her? :::

my assistant in SnR. n a fren.suke sgt buli die ngahahah

::: Your impressions towards him/her :::

truly reliable

::: The most memorable things he/she had done for you :::

cover me up during a lot of events lol

::: If he/she become your lover, you will :::

???...mati den adola kang huhuhh..

::: If he/she become your enemy, you will :::

cabut lari!!!xleh nk dekat klo gaduh..perang dunia brpe jdnye kang

::: If she become your lover, she has to improve on her :::

takat jd diri die udah..

::: If he/she become your enemy, the reason is :::

words spoken which holds deep meanings :P

::: The most desirable thing to do on him/her is :::

suh buat keje lg..boleh goyang kaki nnt muahahaha..kejam seyh

::: The overall impression of him/her is :::

SRS..any commnt cik???

::: How do you think the people around you will feel about you :::

a question i can nvr answer lol..feelings change..i change..wat else??hahahah

::: The character of you for yourself is? :::

unpredictable i think??anyone care to cmmnt bout this huuhuh

::: On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is :::

gopoh sgt lol..generally i mean :P

::: The most ideal person that you wanna be is? :::

Me,myself & I which patuh suruhanNya,meninggalkn laranganNya

::: For the people who likes you, say something to them :::

arigato minna from accpting me as me..hamba hanye lah insan biasa,penuh ngan salah silap hohohoh..

::: 8 people to tag :::

1. nana

2. rab

3. zuzu!!wajib eh buat :P

4. nad

5. qila

6. iman

7. imran

8. musa

::: who is no. 2 having a relationship with? :::

makcik!!nk jwb x ni???hahaha

::: Is no. 3 a male or a female? :::

zuria is a lovely female n also a grt couz which non can replace lols..jgn tah kita bangga ek hehehe

::: If no. 7 and no. 8 were together, would it be a good thing? :::

hohohoh,dua2 kaki liverpool..mmg huru-hara sempoi je so yeah!

::: How about no. 5 and 6? :::

hohohoh,the dots n tots(btul ke??dnt ingt dh lol)..yup2..a definite yes :D

::: What is no. 1 studying about? :::

na,buat kn??hehehe

::: Is no. 4 single? :::

i dunno..r ya nad???:P

::: Say something about no. 2 :::

an awesome gurl to have as a fren..thx 4 everythin ya!1eiy,wen nk lancar projek nih hehehe

fuh,first time buat benda alah ni..hohohoho..dh2,nk enjoy cuti!!!sori for the tags yg xpnah buat sblm ni...

March 24, 2009


tho one desires such thing,he may not be able to have it.but one cnt stop thinking,"y cant i???wat is the price to pay to have wat one desires the most?"some claim life aint it?or is it not?

forced to make a decision in a short period of time,everything seems soo bloooody crap to me.would i even want to bother in doing anythin else now?i have no freaking idea!!!y is this happening to me?God noes y n He noes best.wats left 4 me is just survive this period of time,hoping 4 the best...

i guess......*sigh*

March 17, 2009


i noe,i noe..the excitemnt im feeling makin menjadi2 lak huhu..well,the thing is who wouldnt be write.i mean,i've pushed myself way beyond anythng i did before i,getting a break di perantauan mmg sronok pn dunno wat time nk tido even though i'll b leaving early in the morning.luckily my luggage is done.wont b kelam kabut as usual.well,gotta re-check i got everythin.hopefully nothing will go wrong there.just gotta pray for the best.....

oh darn it
!!!results r coming out this week too.*sigh*....

March 13, 2009

zaman kanak2 ribena dh kembali!!!!

huhuhuh yeah2,i knw..wats up with kite flying,rite???i mean,its just running around,here & there while pulling an object with different kind of shapes which is attached to a string,kn3???well,to my surprise,tat so-called boring,lame activity was totally awesome!!!i mean,hey,ur tired always acting as an adult in Uni this is the time to actually release all the tension yg dh lame kumpul n just have a real good time..running,jumping,bergolek2..*sigh* but had hope all of my nakama were there..its been a long time since we last met each other..i mean,the complete batch 5..yadda,yadda,i knw it sounds stupid but hey,the times spent with them for those 3 years in Adni made them a part of me........*flashback*

lol,neways,tat morning,loads of thing came to my mind..but heck,y would i bother??come la,im gonna go kite flying today!!!wanna have fun!!!xmo pi peningkn kpala ni akakaka..but b4 tat,nk tau gak hw the juniors did with their ape lg,gerak jela awal pg skolah..smpt tgkp a few pics jela coz agak kelam kabut tat time lol..lari sini sane kan yeah,wen i got to noe their results,hey,who wouldnt be proud of em rite??congrats to all ya..the hard work finally paid off..but dnt get to happy mates..this is just a turning point of ur life..wats coming up next is still full of mysteries uhuhuhh..

so after tat,time to main layang2.yeye,nk maen lyg2,nk maen lyg2 ngahahahah *berguling3~*..sheesh,guess i've rlly gotten the penyakit berguling from shake & kim..hangpa dua mmg la..awas na time meeting keh3..anyways,while waiting for the rest to arrive,took a walk inside the school..well,a lot of changes had been made lor..even i got lost at first,duhhh.but rlly,i rlly think the inside of the school would rlly make an awesome haunted house hehehe..dh kena belok sini sane,byk pintu2..aik,excited melebih lak hehehe..habis pusing2,dh pkul lak suruh amik kat lrt..betuah nye mamat..nasib la t.suzi sempoi jek kasi pinjam kete (im,ckp thnk u kat cikgu tuh..minyak xbyr lak tuh huhuhu)..pak guard lak leh ckp i was cikgu nye adik.ade mirip ke???ntah la neways,pas smua dh kumpul(us 7 jela),we began our journey to TAMAN METROPOLITAN!!yatta!!!!lol..nad became our driver,iman as the navigator,while the rest enjoyed the bumpy,scary,yet fun ride hehehe..n heck,suasana dlm kete riuh rendah..kalah pasar hahahaha.skjap ckp pasal citer korea,then jepun,then pasal driving(yg xde lesen jgn marah yerk =P)..taking the DUKE highway(orite2,u win kosa..its Duta,not Damansara..shheessh)save us a lot of time,so dpt la enjoy lagi lame..hehehe smpt berpicnic ngan kfc sblm main2 though i was alrdy running even before we ate heeheheh..xsabo2 nk jd budak2 laaa..but wished more would the saying goes,the more the merrier huhuh..hopefully nxt time dpt la kmpul smua budak2 n have fun..till tat day............

thx people for making my day nggahahah..jom kita maen lagi pasni!!! =P

March 10, 2009

the COME BACK!!!!

alrite2,i know...its been ages since i last posted anythin rite..well,been to buzy at PJ smpai xsmpat nk tulis pape..well then,flashback time peeps!!!!!
end of 2008:
well there was an alumni bbq at sharifah n syed's house(yeah2,i noe u guys had fun *sigh*)..unfrtunately couldnt go since on tat day itself me n my crew(Medcy's Sport & Rec) were handling a marathon event..wait,marathon??ermm not quite la since it was less then 5km..anyways,we had the Zokathon tat day n since i was the progrm manager(yup2,mekasih la ji sbb suruh aku yerk),dh mmg kena la stay smpai habis progrm,whether i like to or nt..planng hbs pkul 10 bt since polis pn dtg lmbt,mula pn lmbt la..alhamdulillah the runners sabar..klo x,mampuih ktrg nk deal with 150++ ppl(actual no was 300++ but ade exam lak..darn ICT!!!)..pape pn,everyone had a good time even though ad salah silap here n there(gomenne meji,nab,shake & all u guys)..

these dudes smpat lg nk posing eventho they were at the end of the pack lol..

well after tat was over,mid-sem was around the yeah,xtersntuh kowt lappy ni..duk je atas meja smbl mengumpul habuk2 dr blk 325 ngeheheheh..pas exm lak,ade lg 3 event..Sports & Martial Arts Carnival(SMAC),Medcy's family day & Annual Grand Dinner..perghhhhh,mane xpenat seyh..siang mencari2 players,uruskn senior2 yg nk pegi dinner,deal ngan class rep(thousand apologise to bama,lutfi,sahal aka mat topup n jibah),ptg training basket,mlm meeting ngan mun...adoi,bengong jdnye gua..agak panas la gak ngan manusia2 yg xphm org ade byk program..tau la diorg xde keje pape..ngong betul!!!dh la matches buat mlm weekdays..adoi,seriuosly tat week every last particles within me was exhausted smpai jln pn xbtul jdnye..hmmmm,sabo sharaf sabo...well it paid off..won a few medals n ended us runner up for the event..owh n our basket team won 2nd place..but i kinda felt the finals was played time group stage..either time Medcy played against Enginius or Idea,both matches mmg dramatik..lg2 time lwn Idea..serious oooo..waaa xtipu..every second counted even tinggal 1 saat,both team was attacking n defending with everythin we got..time wisel bunyi,meji smpai tersujud,HM lak telompat2 walaupn pakai jubah n siap peluk ktrg yg basah ngan peluh..(thx a lot hafiz,mat din n the gang,ali,sahal,paan etc...ramai sgt lor nk sbut..korang smua mmg bst sokong kitrg huhuh)..owh lupe lak..fam day was also on the same sabtu whereas semi was in the evening n finals malam lak..pengsan2 espcially pas minum JUS PERIA + GARAM!!!!mak datuk!!Ya Allah,Kau tlglah hambaMu ini!!mmg rasanye mcm.....xterkata la..menangis den dibuatnye ooo..nsb la miss xdpt tgkp ekspressi muke ni..wonder who the heck came up with tat idea???ingat mkn ulat or ape..ini tidak..huhuhuhh sakit kowt lol..hbs perut ni seksa dibuatnye...
(pics of SMAC n Fam Day ade kat fb since i dnt hve the soft copy yet)..
finally,AGD came a day after SMAC..kelam kabut committee2 1st yr..ngan deco nye,script la,pantun la..mcm2 kerenah..fateyn used every bit of her brain to figure out wat to do..but alhamdulillah,eventually everythin came together..the place looked great with the theme:Night of the Classic, Reliving the yeah,the seniors were hapi,VIP enjoyed thmslves including MADAM NIK!!!wohooooo..xsangka seyh hehehe..nwys,special thx to all the advicers 4 coming tat nite..

*sigh* AGD was the last event we would spend with our seniors..walaupun masa kita bersama hnyalah seketika,namun kenangan itu akn ku simpan di hati selamanye..hopefully dpt la jumpa kat kuantan,insyaAllah..nasib den xngangis mlm celebration lol..buat malu je dpn smua..confm pak jat tibai klo nmpk hahahaa..afiq plak terbaik kena kan jat..haaa jat,kawen tu jgn lupe janji hang..kad sentiasa akn kami tunggu hehehe..betul3(suara upin & ipin tetiba muncul) kakakakaka..all the best i wish to all of em..ade rezki,kita jmpa lg..>.<

so yeah...guess i've summarized wat happend lol..n yeah,rite now im enjoying my holidays..3 months peeps!!!muahahaha..hopefully i cn find a work or something..dnt wanna stay at home je..mati den kebosanan ngaahahah..owh,pics of sports day r at gen05..most shots taken werent quite nice so i didnt upload it lol..