October 27, 2009

another new chapter

entering the 2nd day of my 2nd sem for my 2nd in uia pj(yeah,too many 2nds lol).yup2,its my final semester before entering Kuantan campus(hey GEM!u watch out!i'll b there soon tau).so far,nothing interesting yet.though,a sad event took place.yesterday,an un-enjoyable reunion between me and the other Johannians at Xiao En Funeral Parlour.Kam Fatt,Qi Kitt,Izzat,Adrian,Eng Chah,Quan Yen,Yong Siang,Kok,Reffai,Rafiq,Hana,Selva,guys.we lost a great friend which non of us will forget.truthfully,i was so shocked hearing the news last tuesday.its been what?almost 5 years i guess since i met everyone from SJI.getting the news of a fellow comrades death.i kept reading the text message over n over again.i even called up Kam Fatt to make sure it was true or not.hmmmm,but now he's gone,nothing can be done no more.the time that's lost will never return...

SMAC is coming up in less than 2 weeks.players for MEDCY still hasnt been confirm yet.hopefully by tomorrow,everything will be finalized.gotta send the jerseys back to pertama to do the printing of names.saturday will be the drawing of lots.alls been done.the only thing left is play the game (with no injuries,i hope).

(in memories of Lim Boon Jim,a loyal son,a great friend,may you rest in peace my friend)

October 19, 2009

while spending my holidays with watching nothing but anime,something caught my eye.nah,its not anything which causes ur eyes to pop out.rather,questions asked to a young boy while performing a warrior ritual.kinda made me think to.

-what is sharaf?

-what is the proof of sharaf's existence?

-why does sharaf even exist?

yeah2,i noe.im a human;the proof is im alive;the 3rd one is to beribah kpd Tuhan.but im nt looking for those answers.im trying to look for others.something deep.answers which would,for once,force u to think thn just babble watever comes out of ur head.its just somethin else tat i to needed an answer.my life during these few days was nt as enjoyable as one may say.seriously.so now,question need to be answered.
oh n btw,never underestimate animes aite.u never noe wat u may learn...

October 7, 2009

holidays for 3 weeks have started.yet,me n the other head Sports couldnt quite get the rest we wanted cause in these 3 weeks,preparation is needed for the upcoming Sports & Martial Arts Carnival,SMAC.players needed to be re-confirm as rules keep changin again n again,jerseys needed to be made for all those group sports(football,volleyball,basketball...u get the picture),finance for stuffs(flag,scrolls,deco???darn,xpikir lg theme..shoot!!!!!!!!).besides doing all those dirty jobs,some of us needs to practice too.lame kowt x training.adeh.sah2 zul & farabi would be pissed of seeing how i later on huhuhh.sori captains!!trying to work my footwork n handling.*sigh* y la they had to do it so early??oh ya.for all u players reading this,make sure u peeps got the money to pay aite!no money,no jersey for u then kekekeke.n our colour is red.hope u guys accpt it ngahahahha