April 30, 2008

like wat.....

waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!habis la,mula nk tension balik!!!shoot.just wen i thought i can handle it..sheesshhh..

neways as usual,after waiting for my sis to siap,we drove off to school with me driving my mum's honda city.ingat nk breakfast with the guys.unfortunately,only fardhly was there.br nk pg,stumble upon ust zul n teach muthla(yeah,pasangan suami ister n coolest teachers lol).so yeah,all 4 of us pegi to a near kedai mamak at au3(since the usual mamak dh xde waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!).ate roti canai je skadar nk alas perut coz cikgu pn xleh stay lame since they ade class soon.so after the chow,im called up mintak amik dr rumah die?mentang2 xde lesen,suruh jadi driver lak.hampeh betul.since ade 2 cars,fee pegi amik beck while i have to travel to Sri Lodging (or Lodging,i dunno)to fetch imran.took a slight detour tho but only for a while since im was nagging already.
after picking im,meet the others at my place,konon nak rehat2 jap since these guys nk jalan2 time tghhari.so while they rest jap,took out my trusty lawn-mower(not the mesin tolak la since malas sgt nak gune yg besar hehehe),potong the front field of the house until selesai(cant continue to the other parts of the house coz mesin mule gegar2 smacam).then the guys lak bising2 suruh siap la nk jalan.*sigh*so terpaksa la siap since we're meeting up with another dude at schl.
owh darn it,just remembered fathin will bring her frens home to study.*sheesssh* kena beli benda for tonight lak.or not,how to feed those kids lol.
so in the evening,me and im went to Carre4 to buy for tonights meal.Ayam,chili,tomyam,milk(for me yerk lol)n ice-cream(fathin pesan pagi2 lagi).xsangka,sikit punye barang,RM30 habis(learn a valueble lesson;things aint cheap now,it sure wont be in the future.so u gotta earn a good job to live!!)hahah.well means i should just work my ass as hard as possible in college,uni or wat ever.if not,i'll just end up kat tepi jalan huhuhu.anyways,while walking toward the car,"weh,kentang!!!shoot,lupe seyh".but since malas sgt,we decided not to beli it hahaha(less kentang 4 the gurls lol).so we drove to Adni,talking bout this n that(just to kill time n making this bosan kuikuikui coz im sure knows a lot of things to talk bout lol).sampai2,tunggu infront of the new building since her class is there.ingat dh siap wen suddenly,"bang,tunggu jap.ade kawan fathin nk amik bag.it might take a while,"or something like tat.so yeah,since she n the gang xsiap lagi,i had to pusing again to find a parking space but it took me like 3-4 rounds wen finally ade parking kosong near the tangga tadika.so i waited n waited n waited wen she muncul with her fren.FINALLY,I WANNA SLEEP ALREADY!!(well said tat to myself la coz xnk kasi kawan die terasa lol.so before we head home,had to detour again to drop off imran home.around 5.15,finally,I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!my mind was forcing my body to sleep but yet again,i need to pray first n finish just a bit of the morning mowing coz the front part hasnt fininsed fully.siap2 je,i headed back to room,sweat covering my whole body eventho it was only 4 a short while.what a day *phew*
well the night was sure hectic.fathin had another fren coming to the house to study.so the house was like thup,thup,thup(tats how footsteps sound in my house lol).*shesssh* xleh ke diorang jalan elok2.but who knew,this kids tahan eh xtido.near midnight pn still awake.dhsyat2 hahaha.luckily im was around to teman me(xmanis sorang laki je right2??lol).had quite fun UNTIL we checked out the uni's.argghhhh,y did i had to check it?tension je tgk.xdapat is one thing.another thing was y the heck was the course i applied was different?my fault?their fault?the person who helped me's fault?Allah ma'lum.kita sebagai hambaNya just redha je la(tho sian to im coz he had to be my punching bag for the night,hearing me shouting this n tat).

*sigh* wat a day,wat a day.hope someone can teach me how the hell am i suppose to deal with things..
i really do.....

April 29, 2008

crap day..

*sigh* ape la nasib diri ni..

since pkul3,xdpt nk tido lena..belakang mula sakit balik,kepala berpusing2..bile dpt tido pn,xlama since jam pn dh dekat pkul 6..so as usual,bgn pagi,kejutkn my sis by shouting to her heheh..tunggu die siap nk hntr gi sskolah..the usual stuff anyways..
had plans today..do some work at home,kluar outing jap wit my bestfrn since this may be my last time b4 gi kolej or matrix or pape la..yeap,a day tat i truly look forward too since we planned it..
but guess wat??things WON'T always go as we planned..
for starters,had a fight with a fren.. a person tat had been there 4 me..a lot of times too..i mean,if tat person wasnt around,i'd be a different type of guy..n i mean WAY different thn wat i am now..stopped me from doing idiotic action,adviced me bout a hell lot of things..i dnt think i could re-call all coz wat the person did,fuh Allah je tau(smoga diberkatiNya)..neways,we got to a fight..but in the end,i got no1 to blame excpt me..stupid sharaf!!y couldnt u keep ur cool??*sigh*..so tried appologizing..but,the respond,dh boleh jangka la..suka cari pasal,kan dh kena..in the end,i could only laugh wit sadness bout wat i did..no point on regretting it..bak pepatah melayu, "nasi dh jadi bubur",bubur xleh jadi nasi(xwujud ayat kedua yerk..rekaan semata2 hehehe)..
well,having a fight is one thing,but ending up making another person mad like hell is another..man,i really suck in this *sigh*.y cant i just make others hapi.instead,making people hate me,dispise me,ahhh wat the hell,u know the rest.just hope these people will forgive me.even on this day,i really do hope so..
next,the pain on my back came again..thought after sakit pagi2 tu hilang..unfortunately,it didnt..guess this thing terjadi xkira masa..owh n to make things worse,nk bgn,jalan,duduk,anything la bukan main susah lagi dh..solution??find my old med(myonal,arcoxia dn keluarga nye),mkn it,cari the Dr.backbone thingy n letak kat blakang..hoped it'll relax a bit la..dnt want the worse to happen again like last year(yup2,im sure 1 kid with a lot of health problems hahahaha but im still gratefull im still alive)..so yeah,the fun plans i had,habis!!
no fun,just stay at home,rest,rest,owh n rest,a lot!! (sori 4 not making it......)

hmmm guess i just have to look forward..no point on looking at the past except to learn from the mistakes(tho i never been able to learn)..hopefully tomorrw will be a day i look forward to..


yeap2,3 days to rest my head,my body,my arms,legs b4 i start my life as a student..n among all places,fuzz,me n fathin dpt ikut my mum to Avillion..been there e few times b4 this n ther was once wen my family was there,during swimming,khai said,"eh2 tgk tu..sape dtg".tekezut kitorang adik-beradik tgk Tun(well sblm ni blum lagi dpt pangkat tu hehehe),dgn keadaan cam org bgn tido,jalan with his wife ntah ke mane la time tu..

neways,right after lunch,me,fuzz n my mum gi singgah tesco jap..nk beli mknn utk dlm kete mane tau lapar hehe..around 4,gi adni lak to amik fathin(had to wait 4 a while since die habis 4.30)..so after die muncul,we went straight to pd(btw,i had to drive all the way.mum penat n fuzz baca paper)..anyways,on the way,stopped by at the sg besi tol utk beli kfc.the combo meal i think utk kitorang 3 adik-beradik coz mum ade dinner..mum belai fathin who was already sleeping like a baby on mum's lap,fuzz went to buy the ayam which berbau all to way to pd smpai perut pn berbunyi..time2 sampai at the hotel(which was arnd 6 i think),perut mmg dh xtahan lagi2 with the bau of ayam..masa angkat beg,the bell boy pn tgk je at me since i was the one holding it..nk offer,org ramai lak so xjadi la heheh(besides,diorang mkn lg best2 wat)..so once we got our room,solat dulu!!siap solat,we enjoyed the chicken eventho sorang dpt 2 je..tat nite,we enjoyed watching HBO bout a guy who still lives with his parents..failure to launch if im not mistaken..bodh2 je citer tu hehehe yet lawak la gak..

neways,saturday morning,rite after subuh,fuzz n me went to play tennis(first time main so teragak2 la gak)..smpai2 at the court,ade la gak seekor merak..male?female?i have no idea..but i sure do know this..tat bird,sakit oo telinga dgr die err ape eh klo merak kluar suara die??somethin la i dunno..tapi bile die bukak ekor die,
wow i thought..rugi didnt bawak camera..bukan slalu dpt tgk merak kembangkan ekor die..anyways,kitorang main arnd an hour or somethin,then balik bilik.while walking,i was like,shoot,wat the heck is this??tgk2,on my socks,terkena tahi merak.dang it la tat burung.haih.nways,bile balik kebetulan fathin nk mkn,so diorang berdua(i didnt follow coz malas n kena basuh stokin hahahah) gi enjoy the breakfast..around 10 somthing they came bak,kitorang gi beach plak..main2 pasir,naik a paddle boat (ntah wats the name)..fathin had a hell of a fun time..running around,jumping here n there hehehe..kebetulan ade gak batu2 reflexologi(tu ke ejaan die hahaha),went a few rounds..funny watching fathin menahan kesakitan hahaha..in the afternoon,all 3 pengsan dlm bilik smpai my mum datang pn xsedar..

later tat petang,while they enjoy swimming at the pool,pegi la enjoy kemudahan paling best.Steam & Sauna hahaha..yeye,im the kind yg jakun wit it coz yela,kat kl mane la nk dpt masuk..kena ade membership la,ini la,itu la..but since sini free,pakai la puas2..spent like an hour or something in it.nk lama but dh lapar n maghrib pn..so,balik bilik,relax kan badan jap.pasang2 HBO,kebetulan The Lake House,the story tat i've been hearing frm rasya n iman if xsalah ada.n sbb lapar,just sumbat nachos dalam mulut sambil layan citer tu..bukan main khusyuk my lil sis tgk tat movie siap nk tukar die marah hahaha..neways,bile habis2 je,my mum ajak jalan2 coz die letih with all the meeting stuff.fuzz was asked to beli mknn kat luar coz voucher dinner cuma ade satu n since my mum pn xnk,hahaha i got to eat the nite buffet..sushi,bbq,ayam panggang,mcm2 la ade.habis perut kembung hahaha.well while i was still eating,fuzz came back from the pasar which kebetulan ade near the area n was asking whrs my mum since she hold the key.apelagi,cepat2,la cari near the beaches n all.risau2,but bile dpt contact,she said,"oh kitorang(her n fathin) dalam sauna ni.baru kluar".bertuah2 i said dlm hati.neways,dpt2 masuk bilik,fuzz cpt2 tukar ESPN sbb mlm tu the match of the night:CHELSEA vs MAN.U..n since die penyokong kuat chelsea,xkan la nk miss..i remmber,we watch every second of the play until finally,"GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!" he shouted.Ballack heading the ball into the left side of the goal post just before half time.hapi bukan main lagi hahah.bet all the Chelsea fan were shouting the same thing hahaha.so the game went onto the 2nd half,mcm2 terjadi.u guys 4 sure know rite.Man.U equalised n then ade pergaduhan btwn Ballack n Drogba.aahhh, phm2 la.neways,during the last 10 mins,i know all Chelsea fan hapi gila2 wen Ballack scored the penalty.fuzz was so hapi,die siap kejutkn fathin from her sleep hahahaha.poor kid.luckily,once tat was over,die terus tido lol.n since i couldnt sleep,wat the hell,y not masuk the sauna again rite?the nite is cool.its just the right thing to do,so i thought.well,i think it was lol.spent more than an hour in it.kebetulan there was this Chinese fellow pn masuk so i thought,ok sharaf,cube tgk sape tahan lagi lama.hahahah crazy rite.n guess wat,the dude went out earlier then me hahaha.worth talking to my self watlol.fuyo,gile peluh ooo i said bile kluar dari sauna.sweat was dropping from every part.even my muka habis basah.after a while resting,i head back to the room nak tido lak.nasib xtido lagi coz my mum pn xhabis meeting....

sunday morning,as usual,me n fuzz after solat headed to the tennis court nk main jap(me being cautions this time hahahaha).bile sampai2,the dude said ade org dh book pulak.n while talking,the english couple who book it came.
haih,melepas la nak main.so kitorang pn balik bilik.fuzz n fathin again,went breakfast kat the cafe.i just said in the room eating the ayam panggang fuzz beli the night b4.mum lak lepas siap keje die,gi sauna nk relax jap.around 8.30 lebih,fathin ajak pegi beach lagi(xpuas2 budak tu main hehehe).mum gi meeting.fuzz went swimming,so i was the only one yg kena.sampai2,we went on the canoe(tu ke eja??darn my english hancus lor hehehe)but yg jenis lain skit.well,while tgh kayuh2,i just had to be a bad brother n let her kayuh.kasi alasan nk jaga arah canoe hahahah.sian gak budak tu.then,we went pusing2 around the laut nearly an hour i think or half,ntah la.all i know,lama la n my hand was really tired.so,bile dh puas,we head back tu the beach n cam biasa,she lari2,lompat2,tulis2 stuff like fster,dee <3>(only die tau i guess)n other stuff.haih,penat layan budak tu hahaha.around 10,we went to the pet farm coz everyday pkul 10 time visitors leh masuk n kasi makan the rabbits,tikus belanda,burung,ayam n even turtle.huhuhu bukan main ramai org berebut2 cari arnab2 comeyl.fathin sempat gak mandikan a few arnab there.she even cuddled 1 rabbit sampai tido hahaha.1 jam duk situ xmuak2 budak tu padahal org nk kena pack barang2 lagi.

(in memories of zara,chichi,lulu & kiko)

since dh past 11,i went back to the room utk start packing(fathin still at the pet farm,fuzz gi swimming again n mum meeting).nk ke sauna again but batalkan je la niat.takut lambat pack,kang kena extra charges hahaha.so cepat2 siap,pack all the stuff including food,raket tennis,mcm2 la benda.before 1,we all dh siap check-out,had lunch at the Crow's Nest(wat a name to give hahaha).by 1.30,we were done.siap2 solat,KL,we're coming back but fuzz was driving back ofcourse nyeheheheh =P..