November 19, 2009

another sleepless nite for me i guess.paan and sher ngah sedap layan mimpi my eyes can hardly close for wat reason even i dont noe.something bothering my mind i guess.hmmm.well,lets recap on wat has happened since i last posted up anything:

3rd nov,the date where i was brought out to this complaining though life itself may seems soooo emm not paradise?course not!thats our purpose in life duhhh heheheh.nways,it didnt really started out much.attending a meeting which didnt finish till after the clock struck 12midnite with fscc n all the head sports,captains ie.*sigh* a responsibility is a responsibility.gotta finish those up before doing anythin for myself.though eja called me in the middle of the riot n some frens did cheer me up by wishing me infront of all those peeps.OCC meeting if im nt mistaken?gaaahhhh,who cares!thx ijah n anis =).next,a meeting with the rest of the SnR peeps.didnt cross my mind they'd gather to celebrate my bday.gracias peeps n im really sori for ruining the nite aite.all of u who gathered tat nite.(mas,nk sgt abg nangis,kat bilik da nangis k!wuwuwuwuw)really didnt deserve it looking back how i acted to all of u.again,gomenne mad,mira,shake,nu',ipan,azri,bama,kema,sher,paan,gya(gessh,didnt have to scold me gurl.scary ooo),hamdi,afiq,ghaf,mas,fiqah,pipah,ekin,alia,dira,hani,fatin(adeh,ramai lak.xingt sape lagi ade huhuh.sori)*bows again n again*.n thx for the cake.oh ya,rewind a few days back.thanx mum,dad,fuzz,bubulat,ngah,buasmak,un.rosli,ajiz,fathin,kak dya for the dinner n the present.ngeee,a new SE phone(the nokia was sent to for repair and hasnt return till now huhuh).rezki xkan nk kasi,kita terima ngahahahah.alhamdulillah =) forward again.msgs came in from all over the place(thx people n sori for asking who's this again n again.contacts r all kept in the old one so yeah,u get the idea).got a bag n a puffy keychain which people keep mistaking it as a real food(cant blame it though.the looks,the smell,the softness).well,had a great day.thx to all tat cheered my day(sori for being annoying n head was filled with things regarding SMAC).

7th Nov,the starting battle between all 11 courses in cfs iium during SMAC(somehow,kinda feels tat the sentence is weird o_O). football,netball,volleyball,takraw,basketball,futsal,ragbi,pingpong,badminton,free-fight n tug-of-war(bros only this year.sis xdpt nk defend title musy hehehe) were the sports carried out throughout the event.unfortunately,MEDCY's football team managed to qualify till the quarter final after suffering a defeat from IRK(tension den main game tuh.hmmmph!).on the bright side,i got to join a real ragbi match between MELEX n PRESSS.wham!bam!slam!the excitement!the thrill.injured pun injured cant describe the joy of tat game hehehehe.miraculously,i only came out with a couple of bruises on my hand the end,we lost to.but hey,we had fun slamming people to the ground.kinda wanna join again >_<.lol anyways,basketball went through till the semi's.ahhh,'s the results:

basketball bro-bronze
futsal sis n bro-bronze
football knocked-out at quarter finals
netball 4th place
badminton bro n sis(single)-bronze
pingpong bro(single n double)-gold
volleyball bro-silver
sis-4th place
rugby knocked-out at group stage
tug-of-war knocked out at quarter finals(IDEA hantar tentera gajah ooooo)
takraw silver

did i missed out anything??well,anyone knows any mistakes,just inform.overall,ENGENIUS won first place,followed by MEDCY,n 3rd by ECONS.owh n this year,FSCC decided to make a trophy for the most well-managed contingent.terkejut beruk den when they announced MEDCY won~!yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!though i may not bring back the overall trophy.atleast i managed to bring back another trophy for MEDCY.thanx to everyone's contribution,dedication,support,cooperation dan yang satu keluarga dengannya hehehehe.we could not have win tat if none of u helped out.arigato gozaimas!(hopefully HMS wat la celebration skit hehehe).also not forgetting the managing and reporting for the sports(sher,pah,jibah,nu',ghaf,fais).owh n those tat supported our head contingent,thank u so much.payah kowt kena psycho ngan supporters opponent hehehe.
alhamdulillah,now SMAC has ended,my final job as head sport is more activities for now.besides,gotta let my right hand heal.dont wanna go to class everyday wrapping my hands.all eyes looking like a hunter searching for its the doctor said to me,"rice".not rice nasi k. R.I.C.E(rest,ice,compression,elevation).gotta keep tat in mind yeah,gotta rest now.class starts at 8am.hopefully my eyes will shut soon...