October 31, 2010

though it may be coming to an end, the path i choose haven't even reach half of the journey. its just the beginning. but things are a bit clear. what the one's call nurses do. must be nuts writing this while having my next paper in a few days. ahh, what the hell. beats reading some notes without even understanding one bit. besides, who knows. maybe i'll be able to get into gear and finally memorize all these stuffs. not gonna complain too much. like it or not, cramping all these are kinda important since ur dealing with the human body. its like..well..exciting??nah, not the rite word..how'd i say??emmm i dunno..wat screw it. seems like my minds is screwed big time ahahah..not even able to understand wat im trying to say huhuhu. yeah well, watever. just writing watever these fingers are typing.

taken from my first official photography job. sori for the inconvenience. will get it done as soon as possible.