November 24, 2010

smiles =)

one after another, the Almighty has bless me with outstanding people in my life. from my family to my friends. no words can describe how i feel towards them.

smiles are expression which are meant to bring happiness and joy. some may smile from the bottom of their hearts, while others may even fake it. yet, there some in the world today are not able to smile due to the structure of their face.

recently, a dear friend of mine started a project to help create smiles on the face of another human being. what amazed me was the fact that how she had the guts to started in and how'd she succeed in the earlier stage. may Allah bless her for her deeds. any of u reading this, hope u have the time to spare to catch a clip regarding the project, created by Alia Nadhirah binti Ahmad Fakhri.

for further details, you can click the following link:
"Twenty for Smileys"