August 26, 2009

sedih di hati bila tidak bersama insan yang dikasihi..
sedih di hati melihat sahabat2 mampu berjaya,tapi diri makin mundur ke belakang...
lebih sedih memikirkan mengapa amal ibadah yang begitu penting dilakukan dengan lalai sekali...
lebih sedih memikirkan kembali mengapa telah diberi peluang tetapi disia-siakan...
lebih sedih melihat masa yang tak mungkin kembali lagi pergi begitu sahaja...

Ya Allah,adakah tidak sedar akan kewujudan Yang Maha Esa jika tidak berada dalam kesusahan?
mengapakah diri ini tidak bersyukur padaMu?
apakah diri ini sudah termasuk mereka yang jahil sehinggakan amanah yang diberikan tidak mampu dilaksanakan?
adakah daku akan diberi lagi peluang untuk bertemu dengan bulan yang mulia ini?
tidakkah diri ini sedar,setiap experiment yang dilakukan,segala pemerhatian,pembedahan,setiap satu membuktikan lagi mengenai kebesaran Ilahi yang tiada tandingan...
oleh itu,mengapakah diri ini masih lagi bongkak?
Ya Allah,bantulah hambaMu...

August 22, 2009

HnF (day 2-6)

here's some pics taken during the following days..

August 16, 2009

HnF (day 1)

finally,after several annoying weeks dealing with the upper people,Art & Recreation (formerly known as Sport & Recreation which is now under me since meji has gone to kuantan huhuhhu) in collabration with Publication & Promotion (now under King aka Ghafrun) da berjaya menjalankan our first program which was Health & Fitness week starting from the 9th-14th August.

initially,we wished to held a paintball tournament for the peeps in CFS.unfortunately,due to some problems faced by us including our friends of econs(thx ad,atiqah n qis for ur work..sori for all the troubles huhuh),it had to be cancelled.not to mentioned our "wau" competiton pun x menjadi coz the higher peeps questioned us bout it.aiyo.nk buat any competition,kena ade kaitan ngan SMAC???come on la.we're doing it so people can have fun k.sitting here 24/7 with not much activities,naik gile den huhuh.hmmmph,biar je la.janji da settle keje den yeah,on the first day,we only end up having only 2 games which were futsal n basketball for both brothers n sisters.maybe since ESTOUR was taking place exctly on monday,sisters kurang skit kot.jimat tenaga nk dikatakn hehehehe.things went well,even though we came across some problems.the main thing,all of em had fun playing(yes alkaff,u beat them 4-0 walaupn kena sepak hahahaha).
here are some snapshots taken from the first day(not much coz the camera was available after 4 or 5):

it ended around 10+ if im not mistaken.for those participating,xsabar nak balik tidur atas katil yang agak empuk nk dikatakn hehehe.but for the committees,we had to continue our work at the hall plak coz throughout the whole week(till friday to b exact),exhibitions were held at the AMF.sports,alternative rejuvenation,percussions, n also blood donation(credits to RCC for carrying it out).so nk xnk,kena la susun kerusi meja smua.yeah2,ape gunenye IP rite?well,plans always change so tats,we had to hias our very own mini yeah,kena la wat keje sendiri.but thanx to all who contributed walaupun tepaksa kemas smpai 1am lebih.rasa tu pn xsettle kn hahah.but yeah.arigato minna-san!

2nd day will be posted up later.tutor xsiap lagi ni heheheh.ambil masa relax jap akakakaka.

August 2, 2009

back again

so its been more thn a month since my last post..wat the heck..things have been quite hectic for me..cut things short,several events passed by..Pre-AGM,AGM(yeah2,loads of things to say bout it but already been said by others so biar la),handling the health & fitness week which is coming soon(yet another program which bugs the hell out of me..wadya really expect from our biro?i mean,arts n how come we cant do anything connecting to arts??!!!sheeeessshh),mid-sem which just finished yesterday..yup2,mcm2 la..think got some more lol..missed meeting farah, who came to town before goin back to the states (shut up need to brag bout it lol)..iman's also home for the time being before heading back to her new home..wonder wat saddiq's up too now??havent heard anything from him for quite some time.. think musa's doing great.didnt got the time to read his blog..wonder hw living in a whole new place feels..not in M'sia i mean..come on..based on iman's pictures(damn their good huhh),u can really see,feel the differences of other country compared to "tanah air ku" kekekekeke..hopefully one day i'll be able to go somewhere,insyaAllah..but first things first;gotta passed this program to pursue year to go,n if 'tiada aral melintang',im off to kuantan!!yatta!!then another four years before *gulp*, me the shivers thinking bout it.but heck,sooner or later,everybody's gotta let go of their childish act,teenage fun,n grow,have a family maybe.who knows kekekek.the future is always full of surprises =)..

by the way,to my dear babah,hapi bday i wish to u..may u have a wonderful day awaiting for u..truly,u've been a great dad that a son can wish for..sori to make u worry on this day due to my injury yesterday huhuhu(really owe this to a teamate hehehe..thanx for twisting this knee of mine mate =P)..wat a bday present eiy dad?? ='(..the only thing i can give to u is my doa n my love..thank you bah..

to kak long,sori i missed out ur kenduri yesterday..xtau lak they went in the noon..hmmm hopefully everything went well..congratulations anyway..smga berkekalan hingga anak cucu hehehe..