February 10, 2010

its the final countdown

firstly,wanna wish both my parents happy anniversary.sori your son couldn't make it at Kajang on feb 1.his class which supposed to end at 6 turn out ending at 5.30pm.that's the earliest he could get out(thanx miss >.<).unfortunately,that turned out to be too late.*sigh*.dapat merasa satay di bilik jela.ouh2,thanx mum for giving the satays.it was delicious,especially the arnab??!hehehe no offense to people who loves rabbits k.we,the 5 musketeers of AC are just human.we eat anything edible lol.gracias =)


2 dinners attended on tat week.first,STAD's appreciation dinner held for those involved with SMAC,Rafest, and also the athletes of IPTIM(fyi,meryem unal was among 'em.well3,wadya know hehehe).next was the post-mortem and farewell party done by my ohana.dah luah macam2 tat nite.hmmmm,one thing to say.i'm really gonna miss each and every one of you guys n gals.all those comment will be placed in my box of memories(gotta find it back after this huuhu).pictures will be uploaded later aite.xsempat transfer.ade problem ngan camera.


kak d~!!!sori3 i didnt make it to KLIA.was waiting the whole day for them to pick me up.rupenye ade kenduri kat rumah wak.hmmm,tu pn xgi gak.sori kak.hopefully u've safely arrived there.im sure abg kerol xsabar2 da tuh menanti ur arrival ;).err,to my gurney friends,sori i couldnt make it.my condition,paham2 la.agak payah kowt nak men huhuhu.and to nad,im really,really,really100x sori i had to break my promise.kebetulan ade aral melintang.complicated day.believed me,if i came,hohooho u'll be surprise lol.i'll come for sure the next time k!

11.59am: a sms came in asking, "where r u?".crap,no wonder i felt something wasn't rite huhuhuh.turns out,kosa n the rest,except maryam, were already waiting at U-cafe.got ready in an instant.turun2,kosa n basma were at the car park.hehehehe escorted all the way to the cafe.mo was already eating her lunch since she's starving plus sick.so xpela.as for me,there are benefits being an OKU ek?thanx kosa for gettin the food and drinks.basma sibuk sangat nak pilih makanan,xingat da org agagagag.sat at jejantas lak since maryam said she was on her way.weeee,ade org blanja minum lagi.perghhh,seronok2 =P.saw madam saadiah,her husband n baby.couldnt make it in time.fortunately,few of my friends did.nab tanpa segan silu gi kejar baby tuh.hahahaha.just remembered what mo and the others said while laughin."sharaf ni,klo pegi mane2,ade je pompuan tegur.contoh,tadi ade sister amikkan u serviettes .its like,hello.ur with us.u belong to us today".well something like tat was said.hahahaha sori kim.xpasal2 jadi mangsa keadaan.n sori to u gurls to.my bad k -_-".anyways,wanna say thanx for the great day.it was awesome and will be legend....wait for it...dary..hahahaha
p/s:thanx piqah n kim 4 taking the pics =).n btw,for those who have any problems with me,feel free to look for me.i'd give a damn bout wat u say.get ur facts right first people.


10 feb.the start of the final battle for us 2nd year students.finally~!3 weeks and we are done~!!!!!UNGAS is not counted k since it is a kulliyah subject lol.good luck to everyone.may the force be with you agagag.pray a lot guys.your just a step further from leaving PJ.just hold on aite?(crap,speak to myself bout this huhuh).btw,wishing a happy bday to both hani and ain(enuf with the camps already gurl hahahah).may God bless both of u on this day =).ohohoh,forgetting one more thing.dad came last nite to drop me an aircast sp walker.new nicknames are given now.lets see,theres robocop,transformer,robot guy *easy sharaf,easy*.huhuh biarla.asal korang bahagia yek bluek~
alrite2,enuf for now.exam week,bring it on!!!!*slaps the face on both sides*.oww,should not have done that.
mum,dad,miss ya guys.doakn sharaf~

February 2, 2010

Family Day 09/10

"ya hadirin sekalian, mari sama2 kita enjoy Hari Keluarga MEDCY. dan seperti yang anda lihat sekarang, di seksyen 3 sedang berlangsungnya permainan teh tarik bagi sisters. mari2 sokong rumah sukan anda yang sedang bertungkus-lumus di padang. hohoho while watching, please enjoy the next song by Artic Monkeys with their song Fluorescent Adolescent.enjoy~!"

congratulations to all the committee in succeeding the event. well done to shake as the only head, naim and mira as the pc, nik n fateh as the successor of the SnR(guys,learn from this current bureau.not the bureau before).

a captain abandoning the ship is a captain not worth to be respected at all,especially for his own sake. the crew who worked they way through the hardship is the crew anyone would be proud of. no ship shall be able to sail the great seas without a decent crew with a great captain above.