January 29, 2010

huahuahua, so its been a week since the incident. life on campus for the past 2 days have change. every where i go, people seem to stop & stare as if im like a walking muzium artifact. peeps, im just a guy walking with crutches. feel free to pass by anytime. you dont have to slow down because of me. aiya -_-"..

alrite2, flashback. lets go back to 22nd january. since we're almost leaving, its was the last chance to play on the same team with farabi (different kulliyyah mate), raziman, jimmy etc. and it was another opportunity to play against people of different skill level. unfortunately, rain had poured down causing the court to be quite slippery. even the early match between the girl's team were worrying. did remember during the night, alia fell quite hard, azri having trouble with the ball, fatin the KKM had trouble in her position, mas slipping. somehow, deep inside me, something was bugging me. a hunch maybe. and gawd, it had to be true >_<. nothing during the sister's match aite. it all started when the brother's came on the court. first few minutes were ok UNTIL, jeng jeng jeng. lets express it like a real commentator aite? heheeh. that'll be quite interesting.
"Arion has the ball. they're breaking into PJ's half. Raziman and Sharaf are pressuring the guard, trying to intercept any passes made. Arion makes a pass deep inside the 3-point line. he's free to shoot! Sharaf's runs back. he jumps! Arion shoots! the ball.its.its.its..." (alrite,so i can't recall what happened to the ball. lets skip that part shall we? =P) "owwww, looks like Sharaf is down. Andy, mind telling us what had just happened down there on the court? well Tom, its seems that when he jumped to stop that shot, his right foot seem to slipped. unfortunately, what broke his fall was his right ankle, supporting all that weight during impact. looks like he's out for the rest of the game. back to you." so you get the picture rite? anyhow, thanx to bro fadzil and irfan for rushing me to PPUM. X-ray came back clean. no fracture nor broken bones. just some swelling which isnt that big. then we went back to AC. took 5 guys to carry me up to the second floor as if i was a corpse or something lol. gratitudes to farabi, farisham, zul, irfan & a first year who was buzy playing futsal. before i forget, i became the patient for 2 people who'll im sure end up as great doctors. round of applause to Dr. Farisham & Dr. Farhan for setting up the hanging thingy, taking care of me. basically what a nurse should do for a patient.but they did one hell of a job. siap berjaga malam tuh~wahahahaha.alhamdulillah

so lets get to the real deal. my ankle was still swollen and some parts are blue in colour. even my toes were getting bigger. went to PPUM, they said i'll only get to see the orthopedic by next week. so i ended up being in Kg Baru. one of the nurses saw my leg and said, "eeeee, bulatnye!"*groan while looking at her*. the orthopedic examined me for a while, saying bout parts which i dont know myself. gave me crutches. did an MRI. long day at the hospital huhuhu. results came in on tuesday. mom came back in the afternoon so i asked her whether dad told her the results. she was smiling and said, "haaa, putus2. kena operate," or something like that. i thought she was kidding. bad news was, she wasnt. dad came back before maghrib and said 2 of my ligaments or tendon, but i think ligament kowt, was koyak/putus. grade 3! adeh! now he's asking other opinions. if i do need to do surgery, in 2 weeks time. wait. 2 weeks? exams!!! gahhhhhh!!! bengong2. huhuhhu. relax, relax. bawak bertendang, jangan bertenang ngeeeee =D. ade hikamh di sebalik semua. as shake said to me, "Allah takkan uji kalo x mampu..maknenye mampu la tuh..bukan semua org dpt rasa susah gini...kire betuah la ni...".

so hopefully i'll be able to go through this. compared to my brother's & sister's in the middle east, they're going through a hell lot of pain. what im goin through is like a drop of water in an ocean. He knows whats best for me. so suck it up sharaf! huahuahua. praying things will turn out ok. amiin...

January 28, 2010

torn ligament?
operation needed?
Gawd,for real?????
pls give me strength in these few weeks.

January 19, 2010


why is it a good deed seems to be the cause of the scar within?hmmm.truthfully,hearing those words may be enough to destroy every strong till the smallest will inside.thanx for saying it again and again.


Sesungguhnya hamba insan yang lemah.cinta ku terhadap Mu telah diabaikan.setiap perbuatan yang dibuat mengundang kemarahanMu,setiap kata-kata melalaikan diriku dari mencari jalan mendekati Mu.tiada cinta yang lebih indah dari cintaMu,cinta yang abadi.

January 6, 2010


2010 came in the blink of the eye.many events took place throughout the whole year.some happy,sad,painful.u get the idea rite?anyhow,since 2 decade has past by,as one said to me,im still a kid deep within.wat can i do.i am me.whether i change or not,tats another question.who knows wats awaiting in the future.life is a mystery, a journey with unknown variables.the probability of knowing wat may happen next is a close as 0.000000000000000001.only He knows,not us puny human...


a first time experience for a fellow roommate seeing me getting an asthma attack.Gawd,was he terrified.me?well technically i would love to see his expression.yet,since i was the one with the disease,i hardly can remember anything besides forcing my lungs to breath in more and more oxygen.sham was a pro handling this kind of situation.only this time,something different happened.as i recall it,he did say my abdomen stopped moving.literally stopped.wow,tats new for me,errr i think?who knows.just glad im still able to have my eyes open on the next day,though it did sux having to face a day of misery.ahh,wat the heck.


MAIG,Rafest,MACFEST,FESTIVEN.loads of event are did/are/will be taking place during the end of this semester. in charge of publication n promotion for Rafest with Gaffar, was involved with MAIG to be among the committee of the explorace with sham ,kosa n maryam(well3,wadya know.turns out she was the head of explorace hehehe).yeah,many events.as for MEDCY,3 more activities are left for this tenue: trip to kuantan,AGD,n family day. as one of the SnR member said to me,"ape jadi ngan budak2 SnR skung nih??rindu seyh". yeah, i couldnt agree more.i miss having all those meeting,the havoc between the committees, the food after every post mortem. owever,i doubt id be able to be involved anymore.tough luck rite?hmm...