September 18, 2009

ramadhan is almost over,syawal its around the corner.going to brunei tomorrow but somehow,things doesnt feel rite.supposed to be excited bout goin back.yet,y am i not feeling so??hmmm..
its hard.really.having the very person whom u used to share every single thing becoming one of those the hardest to speak with.seriously,the courage needed to even say hi aint there.there's just ackwardness,fear.really hope i can lay back n talk.still hope we can share things like we used to.wat the heck,who am i to ask anythin anymore,seeing wats happen.yeah well,life aint like a bed of roses as quoted by ustaz nijam.and the way things are,i'll never deny by one,things are falling by one......
nways,an advance salam aidilfitri to all,maaf zahir batin to whoever reads this.for those people whom i've done any wrong doings,this humble being ask for ya 4giveness.

September 14, 2009


wat do u want from me??ur asked,i answer..
yet u still block ur ears,denying wat i've been telling..
i noe its ur field,but u wanted to know wats goin on..
yet,if u've decided,wats the point asking me over n over?
im confused..
really am..

September 8, 2009

its 4.01am n i have yet to get the 6 hours sleep hehehe.just finished physics(haih,lemah den subject ni) tutor..however,another assignment awaits my hand to start writing it huhuh.chemistry exercise given by the one n only,Madam NIK =).suke2 hehehehe tp kena smbung sok pg lak..yeah2,i noe chem aint my strongest sub.but it sure aint my weakest too.n besides,wen madam ajar,best kowt!!!~cantek,menarek tertarik dgn cara die ajar..some may say biasa.not me.theres something bout how she explains things.just like ustaz nijam, teacher rashidah,t.muthla, t.mimie n ust zul sidek.cant really explain it but there sure is somethin tat makes me really enjoy it.hopefully,i cn boost my grades back up..if not,huhuhuh xtau la nk kate ape.arghhhhhh,4 days left till holidays but i jst cant feel the excitemnt bout it (eventhough da mula stat dgr lagu2 raya kat tgkt nih huhuh).myb coz during the holiday which is less thn 2 weeks,i've gotta cram everythin in my head rather thn main bunga api,mercun etc..*sigh* miss the time wen i was a kid..leh blk kg tnpa pk byk2 n enjoy sakan di ambang raya huhuh.well,life just moves forward,nt backwards.tats how it is.tats how we have to accpt it.once its gone,it aint never coming back,no matter how much u want it...
p/s:to the one responsible for the awesome thingy hehehehe,thank you100x soooooooooooooo much..really appreciate it..cant describe how hapi to get it =)..arigato-ne ..huhuhuh rlly would hug u till u suffocate tau bwahahaha..thx alot