May 8, 2008

going to.......

UIA,UIA,UIA.tats all i hear now n its been 2 days in a row i went there.dh la jauh tempatnye.satu kat Gombak,the other kat PJ.*sigh*seriously im tired like hell driving here n there.luckily bukan sorang.if not,wallahua'lam xtau la ape jadi ish3..
so yeah,my parents had been asking me this n tat bout UIA,eventhough im already set to go to Gopeng next week to start my,i really thought after last year,they'd let me stick to 1 thing.guess i'll always b the one to kena eh hehehe.heck,tats my life,y complain bout it lol.
well alhamdulillah,im really grateful.ade je yg teman gi tempat2 ni walaupun tempat2 ni jah(thanx rab n im =).korang mmg best kuikuikui).sempat gak menziarah to a few places b4 going back home lol(siap dapat free lunch thanx to sya lol).yup,i've been doing nothing but drive a lot.well since this is my last week to do so,might as well not complain.syukur dapat drive dgn far,no accident yang teruk berlaku hehehe.
anyhows,dont really know if my trip would change anything.wat i knw for sure,Perak,here I come!!(but packing dah 3 hari xsiap2..ish3 lol)

*sigh*really hope things would change.cant stand it for god sake!!sheeshh

May 2, 2008

nyeh2,ngalih banar eh hehehe..

well,yesterday was the last day 4 me in charge of the house since my parents came home in the evening *sigh*.well,alls well ends well rite..

so yeah,since me n im watched the semi's between LIVERPOOL & CHELSEA(which was around 2.30am i think tho i mostly slept throughout the match),kinda woke up a lil bit lambat than usual hehehe which was around 10-12 i think.didn't have the strength to bangun.luckily fathin's fren were leaving 1 by 1.YES!!!!lol.
well anyhow,around 12 something,im wanted to go home so badly,i didn't had time to mandi.but in the end,im still wangi so no complains hahaha.wat the...ish3,riak2.xbaik tu!!!(bak kate ustaz Nijam kekeke).
later on,people were telling bout the UPU result which dh kluar."pls,pls,PLS lemme get accepted.come on la,perak is a long way u know."well unfortunately,things never goes the way u plan.n yeah,once again,xdpt ipta huhuhuh.guess i really have to go to perak soon.1 week left!!1 freaking week left for me here!!!!but somehow,i think i dont really mind.frens,teachers,all of 'em gave their support n wishing me all the best(thanx a bunch peeps).all i have to do is survive a year of big sure i can handle it way better then my life last year(as we all know right),i hope.
owh yeah,i just realised i missed out my re-union.n i was like SHOOT!!!!!!!!!WHY DIDN'T I REMEMBER!!well technically i didn't remember the night before so that's y i watched the semi match.sheesh.guess those guys had a blast n i missed being there with 'em.well,tats life.nothing is fair in this world(for me that is hehehe).nothings ever fair.not now,never nor will be lol..
well today was another story.sending fahin,then my that,detour to Sri Loging(finally since i just realised how it was spelt) to amik im,i head back to school.some frens were waiting for me to be the driver for the day.dots,tots n nu we're riding at the back,jumping,screaming well tats how they one can change who they r yeah,all 5 of us jalan2 n our first destination;Sunway College!!!(wasnt my idea to got just the driver)so yeah,dots needed to get something from Mr. something,i dunno.kitorang pn pusing2 la,see how's college life is.dude,u're gonna live the same life as they r now.Very soon.that came to mind when we toured the place.
around 11 i think,we headed back head was already fixed to use the federa.however,i stupidly missed the junction leading to the highway,causing us to lalu jalan which i never lalu everyone was like,"dude,u miss the junction,"or something like tat.anyways,since kitorang dah sesat,main jalan je la.tgk2 sampai Lebuhraya Pantai Dalam or Pantai Baru,dnt remmbr.kebetulan ade lagi Ungu kat radio,nyanyi la kuat2 supaya xtension(pity for those yg terseksa hehehe).after a lalu 2 tols,finally ade sign tulis Pusat Bandaraya.selamat hari raya betul la.ingatkn sesat smpai ke utara or selatan la.the rest pn lega coz i stopped my singing hehehe.
so yeah,headed to klcc to have lunch(kawan blanja.ALHAMDULILLAH!!!=P)planning utk makan Chili's but somehow i just dont feel tight eating becoz of me,diorang kena tukar kat food-court(*sigh*bersalah je hmmm).we end up eating nasi kandar,McD,pizza,soup n mee something,dunno name die.n this was when i did something stupid.something which was meant secret got exposed.stupid sharaf,you blew it!!*sigh*really dont know wat'll happened if the person found out.well since we arent like before,it might not be worse,i fault to begin if someting worse were to happen,hell i jst gotta be prepared.i just couldnt learn.trying to not think bout it,me n im blah dulu coz nk solat lagi.well it worked 4 a while coz once im at home,i was sleeping like a baby.too tired to even move,zzZZZzzz.i guess it pretty much effected my dady coz i know,the whole evening,i was too tired to drive.even after picking up fathin i wanted to rest but i just had to do keje lain.padan muka.gatal2 nk lesen cepat sgt.nah balasannya hahaha!!
so now,all i want is lie down on my bed,hopefully to get a *yawn*good..night...*yawn*slee...zzZZzzzZZZ