June 24, 2009

a lil too much of work?or basicly is it just becoz im lacking some sleep.honestly,i have the slighest clue y.alas,the trembling of these hands not only worries me,actions are also becoming involuntary.honestly,last nite,it was shaking like an earthquake with a 5.6 ritcher scale.well,myb tats a bit too much.but a joke i would not write.luckily i wasn't the one doing the junior's interview.if not,heck i may be the one tat ends up looking nervous rather than them hahaha..
*sigh* God,plz stop the pain n also the trembling.

June 6, 2009

great people

kepada setiap insan yg dipanggil sebagai seorang guru,hapi teachers day i wish to all of ya.without ur guidance,ur care,ur support,ur teachings,i wouldnt be where i am right now.though the future is still is mystery.myb a road full of hardship,or myb a smooth-sailing path awaits,i may not know right now.but i know,i'll overcome every obstacle that comes in my way,using,applying every knowledge u have given to me in the past.thank you is all i can say for now.nt only to my teachers.to all my nakama,ur not just a friend.u r also a teacher.each of u had taught me different things,whether u realised it or nt.thank u all.may all of u are blessed by Him,insyaAllah..Hapi teacher's day(walaupn dh lepas dh huhuh)...

n to teacher mimie suraya,hapy b'day i wish to u.semoga dirahmatiNya insyaAllah.
may u have a great year with ur loving family.thank u teach 4 everythin =)


the incident tat i didnt want u to noe..huhuhu the very reason i couldnt join any sports a few months..
heck,until now i still thnk it hasnt recovered heheheh :D
(thx fateyn coz merakam every match..yg b/g suara tuh die la heheheh)

June 4, 2009

week 1

just finished shooting some hoops at ukc's basket court.played a few rounds n i kinda managed to overcome my fear(though i kinda get freak out everytime Man comes at me during a fastbreak huhuhh..teringat time SMAC,was sent out during the 3rd quarter ='(...).well wat a week.having meetings 3 nights in a row,got madam nik as my chem lecturer (hapi!!!!!...errr i guess :P).bro omar gave quite a taaruf sesion to me n my fellow nurses of group 15.still having some trouble sleeping during the nights tho.hmmm,yeah2,quite a hectic week.with all the adding n dropping subjects,the first year students,medcy etc.
btw,to our fellow head prep n tech in SnR,hapi bday bro.nice 'burger'ing ya hhuhuhu...
waduuuh,sakit blakang den dh.nasib class stat lmbt...

June 1, 2009

pagi di ac

"sharaf,sharaf..bgn subuh.."gaya ustaz paan bgnkn org dr tido.bukan main lembut lg suara die tuh huhuh."bgn dh la".thx mate,but i didnt sleep much pn.couldnt sleep actually.biarlah.neways,registering for our second year today.waiting for the guys to get ready.nk wat cmne.for us,we have a long journey huhuh.duk ac kn hehehehe.tapi tula,my body kinda hurts pg ni.gatal2 main basket sampai tengah malam,kn dh kena hehehe.tp xpela.dpt kenal2 junior skit.n boy,they put up a good fight,tats for sure.pancit den dibuatnye ahakz.

perghhhh,diorang dah siap.gile express hahhaha.gotta go clear up some things kat anr n all.adoi2.sabar jela huhuh..