April 21, 2009


Our deepest fear is not that we r inadequate
Our deepest fear is that we r powerful beyond measure
It is our light,not our darkness that most frightens us
Your plane small does not serve the world
There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you
We r all meant to shine as children
Its not just in some of us,its in everyone
And as we let our own light shine,we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same
As we r liberated in our own fear
Our presence automatically liberate others.

quoted from the saying of Cruz, T

April 20, 2009

wanna kill time!!!

tagged from raja ghaffar huhuhuhu..xpela,kinda bored..buat je la kowt lol :P..
25 things bout urself:

1.working my butt everyday hoping to help my parents eventhough it aint much for these 2 months of hols b4 my 2nd yr starts.
2.anime rules!!ngahahaha..come on peeps..dnt deny the truth..msti ade yg suke atlst 1 anime,rite??
3.photography aint just bout taking pictures k!!!its an art!!its also my passion!!lol hahahaha so jgn la ade sape2 bising2 bout it..
4.basketball is way more tiring then football,tats for sure..but heck,both sports r a blast to play hehehe..no 11 all the way!!!!!!!!!
5.if u think ur way better then me at CS,jom lawan paintball la!!ade berani??!!ngehehhehe
6.*sigh* if ade la adobe photoshop in my lappy,sah la a lot of time will be spent on it..yeah2,i like to do designing too k..bt xla hebat sgt mcm tuan ghaffar kite tuh kekekkeke.skadar boleh skit2 jela..
7.missing all my frens from gurney,sji,atah,adni n kmpk..espclly u huhuhh (-_-")....gomenne
8.nk kate reti main alat muzik,xla hbat mane..stkat menghitung hari n Canon D..tu pn stkt skt2 je k..umah sendiri pn xde piano..huhuhuh
9.time shopping,ppl always say guys dont shop.but in the end,it seems tat im the one with the most stuff ngeheheh..nt tat im a shopping freak k..ade la sbb2 membeli brg2 tuh uhuhuhuh..
10.sitting at home,xlayan tido,layan komputer xpn tv..buku???agak payah la gak klo kat umah hhuhuh..kena pg tmpat yg sesuai la lol..
11.oh wait!!!IM A MUSLIM & PROUD OF IT!!!
12.masih lagi hidup di bumi negara M'sia huhuhh..
13.impian ketika zaman kanak2 masih lgi ku mengejar shingga kini..
14.hate seeing ppl i care most to b hurt nor sad..
15.optimist???more like a pessimist (ask those closed to me.dnt noe wat they think)
16.wants ntg more to than make my parents happy in any ways possible (who doesnt rite??hahahah)....
17.hate myself coz being too active in things i do..sheeeesshhh,gotta control myself a bit..terlalu aktif pn x elok, x aktif pn x elok..camne ek???
18.gotta another year before going to kuantan..will things change?????or will it remain the same??hmmmmm.........
19.nt much of a reader,tats 4 sure..bt mangas n jodi picoult's book r wat i read most hehehe..
20.xsuke physic!!!tp leh phm benda tuh...pelik tp benar...*geleng3*
21.waaaaaaaaaaa,nk pegi beijing lak!!!xaci3 huhuh...
22.go Toon Army!!!go Magpies!!! i dnt give a crap wat u peeps have to say hehehe..
23.wanting to own my own slr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!waawawawawa...
24.cant stand people kurang ajar with others espclly parents,teachers,elders..ahhhh,smua jela senang cite kuikuikui....

orite,finally im done huhuh...pple to tag:
--->25. anyone reading this blog,go ahead aite =)

April 16, 2009


wow,today was one heck of a day.cam biasa la morning routine.just a lil addition.went breakfast with fred n im kat kawasan sri rampai i think.heck i dunno lol.so yeah,pas mkn smua,fred went back home nk tukar kete,i had to drove im back to get his d60 nikkon(tension je...wen am i gonna get my own cam?!!!!),thn head back to adni.since i had some things to settle,xjd ikut diorang jalan2.besides,i had to go to UIA by today to take my muet slip coz esok i'll b having a full class till morning.its like wat,6 hours????iman,how'd u survive the long classes??? huhuhuhuhsah budak2 tu bosan seeing me for 6 hours straight esok.oh well,guess i gotta think another game yg diorang suke.hahahah just remembered.thought them bout time n dates,then pegi main game DATUK HARIMAU!!!!hahahah,bukan calang2 game tuh hehehe.hanif was the man la.he was really into it.heck,he lifted me for a while time nk kejar anak kambing.malu seyh murid buat gitu huhuhuh.nways,pas settle some stuff,i headed to uia not knowing ad already took my slip for me.len kali inform betul2.bt thanx a lot bro.met up with miss siti hajar,madam saadiah,HM(sempat la bincangkn hal penting tuh heheehhe).by 12.30 or so,headed back to adni coz i got class at 2.10pm.perghhh,bawak kete siap selit2 kiri kanan lg tuh huhu.hopefully xde pape la heheh.so class smpai 3.20,pg rehat kat resource smbil tgk one piece on jabar's com.in the end,it was the laptop tat watched me,not the other way around.huhuh sah penat gile.b4 balik pn,had quite a chat wit one of junior's mum.almost an hour la gak hehehe.xpe2,tahan je lol.balik umah pn smpat baring skejap je coz nk kena balik adni for hafazan n got class wit the juniors.tetiba mintak ajar science lak.i was like,alamak huhuh.mati den nk kena baca dlm masa brape minit je huhuhuh.but alhamdulillah,boleh la gak buat.hopefully they understand n boleh buat their test esok,aminn....

arghhh,orite2,mata dh xtahan dh.huhuhuh,God,help me survive tomorrow....
oh ya.lupe lak ade meeting lagi mlm esok.*sigh....*

April 14, 2009


coming back from adni for the 2nd time in a day.gosh,the tiredness within me,Tuhan je la tau.n out of all days,tday wasnt a day i could describe as great.well the morning was ok.manage to smile a while.thn iman sent a msg,mintak tlg cover her klas(hope ur better nw man aite..the kids misses u lol).nt tat im complaining.hey,the thai kids r awesome.seriously.yet,it wasnt my day la.xsmpai stengah hari,i began to feel weird.my head began to spin,my chest mula sakit(as always).nk tasmi' pn xdpt.tgk2,i slept till a few mins b4 isya' masuk.*sigh*.honestly,i doubt i noe wat im even writing rite now.if things mcm tunggang-terbalik je,phm2 la.dunno esok larat x pg huhuhu.
yikes,i jst rmmberd.got news tat i'll b having my exam next week!!(wat the fish????!!!!!!!!!last i checked it was on may!!!).bile ntah tarikh die.arghhhh,exam papers for the kids pn xsiap lg,nw i gotta think bout mine huhuhuh.bertuah2.gotta make a detour to uia soon i guess.a few things to settle.medcy,muet dn sbgnye.hmmmm.....

April 8, 2009


*sigh*,my chest is starting to hurt again.really getting tired of this.but nk wat camne,dugaan.slagi masih bernafas,boleh jalan,makan,mandi,solat,syukur la.guess i'll jst write something while hoping the pain will be gone by the time i finish this.well,as usual mlm2 during maghrib i'll go to adni to sambung my hafazan wit ust zubir.rather nt waste my time.as my mum always remind me,"hidup ni skali je.dalam sehari Allah kasi 24 jam.xlebih,xkurang.use it!!masa yang lepas dah tak leh nk ulang...".so yeah,u can say i spend almost my day at adni.during the day,i'll b teaching the thai student,like iman but Bahasa Melayu la huhuh (bangga ust zul sidek kate ade murid yg ikut jejak die huhuhuh.slalu la dpt dgr his famous words time kat GH,"haaa,camtu la my student").anyways,since im teaching bm,everyday msti je jumpa Drs. Harun since he's the bm co-ordinator.pape kena refer die.gawd,i miss the havoc during both bm & sejarah classes.xpenah boring kowt.nt to mention gaya die tuh,perghhh,one of a kind la.huhuh.so yeah,during the day teaching,the nite continue my hafazan.n td kebetulan i saw a paper beside my junior.like to share to those who's reading this simple yet boring blog of mine huhuh.well anyways,as stated by anonymous(2009):

(wajib 2x spacing!!:P)
when life leaves u hanging.....
anything can happen.
bend,but don't break.
challenge your potential.
destiny is a choice.
efforts create opportunities.
follow your intuition.
get back up and try again.
hold on to your vision.
impress yourself.
just dig a little deeper.
keep knocking at doors.
learn from mistakes.
motivate with compassion.
nothing worthwhile comes easy.
own a positive attitude
problems hold messages.
questions what's not working.
regroup when you need to.
stand up for your principles.
think outside the box.
unite perseverance with resolve.
value knowing when to walk away.
work smarter,not just harder.
xhaust all possibilities.
you can if you think you can.
ZZZ,take naps as needed!

(haaa!did not plagirise it k!still rmmber wat madam Raja Zarina taught huhuh)basicly,those colored are ones which i really need to look back at.jap2,i guess smua penting but tula yang i need take care of lol especially the last 2 colored sentenced huhuhuh.yup2,been told bout this byk kali.xleh nk kira dh.thx ppl for always giving me advices.owh n thx(u noe who u r) for everythn.sori bout wat happen td.rite,gotta get back to sleep,if i can la huhuh tho its still hard to breath hmmmm...

April 5, 2009

*sigh*....somehow,things r starting to get way out of hands.the last thing i wanted most is to cause ppl i care trouble.yet,action speaks louder than words.as for me,....hmmmmm....guess i get wat i deserve,rite?rather have me suffer the consequences thn let others do.all those things in the past.nk regret pn ape gune?its nt like i cn turn back time,stop myself from doing my mistake which causes this to happen eventhough i really,really,from the bottom of my heart wished tat this xterjadi.knowing all this happen due to my action,it aint wrong being such a pessimist rite?heck,things would turn out way better if i didnt due such stupid decisions.come on.wat i decided to do,nothing good came out of it.yet,the only the opposite.

yeah,yeah, i know.im being sooooooo pathetic.but hey,wat else cn i do?*sigh*,dnt noe how i'll b in class tomorrow.nk ajar org while im in a condition which heck, i dnt even noe wats going on.just hope at least during tat 1 hour n 30 mins,i cn hold myself together.first day was a bit crazy tho......hmmmmmm

yikes,im really mess up eiyh.huhhuhhh.....

April 4, 2009


yet,another person known to me was called to meet our Creator.Bro Asmadi,head of the ICT deprtmnt meninggal dunia petang smlm.smoga beliau dirahmati Allah SWT...

how long do i have to bear with this?every moment passing by.how am i supposed to endure such a thing?wat can i do?wat should i do?nothing seems right.just how long am i supposed to act normally in front of others??the inside of me is going insane by the second.my body is doing things on its own.please......

Ya Allah,hambaMu mohon pertolonganMu......

April 3, 2009


several incidents happened during these few days.incidents which opened my eyes,incidents tat made me wonder,incidents tat remains as a scar which may or may nvr be healed at all.as days passes by,one cant stop thinkg,"am i rlly being grateful towrds Him?".i mean,He has given us life,shelter,food,a family to be with,people to love,friends tat r irreplaceble,teachers tat r taughtful.yet,y r we still ignorant?humans r nothing but His creation.we live for Him,nt for ourselves.throughout our lives, we will be tested with all kinds of challenges.anything may happen without any sign."why??why do we have to suffer the loss of someone we love?".angry,sad,confused.one by one,emotions will start to fill our mind.doing something tat is totally unthinkable,saying stuff without thinking.but everything happens with a reason.He knows y an incident take place.as the saying of the malay,"ade hikmah di sebaliknya".but in the end,it all depends on us."how do we accept it?can we accept it????"......

in memories of those dearest to me n those which have moved on...