May 23, 2010

stuck.confused.what the heck should i do now?should i stay and continue whatever im doin
or go in order to please others.times running by one,people are almost deciding what's best rather than even listenin to what i have to say.

Ya Allah,hamba-Mu kini menunggu petunjukMu ya rabb

May 11, 2010

sayonara cfs~

after 2 years, 08++++ students are able to bid CFS goodbye. 2 years of laughter, joy, laughter, happiness, sadness, pain, injuries. any memories at all. the time with the friends here are simply awesome. no matter how bitter it is, it still is a memory tat i'll remember. well enough of that. come on peeps~!next stop!! Kuantan@Gombak Campus!!eta:7 weeks(nursing students) to 8 weeks(other courses) and counting.why the different date?God knows.anyways, gracias to all Section 1 lecturer and classmates. all of u really rocked my final semester hahaha!

kehidupan para remaja yang masih membujang:

lectures, breaks. time to snap!!

i am so dead wen abby sees this pic~

election for Medic's batch leader:


our very own suju~!

marks for our presentations.

thank you all lectures for ignoring our crazy acts, our annoying attitude (too much!!), patient, and most of all, being just cool people!!

Dr Kabir (founder of Kabiru Language)

Dr Huda Hilal (is it or not?! sori doc we made a game during ur class)

Dr Ali Akbar (kan aku da ckp.die tu transporter!!(lutfi,2010))

SECTION 1 semester 3:09/10

p/s: mekasih kepada cik anet utk interesting blog award???hahahah.bout the 7 things, feel free to think anythin bout me ngeee~ =D
btw,feel free to commnt anythn =)