October 29, 2008

29th Oct

12 days remaining till the new sem starts..hmmm,so hw should i rlly react to this??hapi?sad?bored?excited?wallahua'lam,Allah je tau..but one things 4 sure,im damm bored stuck at home..true i can go out but whr to go..besides,going alone seems kinda well pathetic..lgpn bosan meh..tried calling evry1 but they all got class n all(lain tmpt,lain cuti nye huhhhu)..well newys,fathin's bday is tday..tried to do something 4 her since my parents r nt around..but unfortunately,this brother just cant seem to handle a small thing *sigh*..atleast she had some frens to sleeep over at the house..had the whole house shaking ooo..seriously,cant tell till wat time did the vibrations stopped lol...must had had one hell of a party in tat room huhuh..
well,mom n dad will b coming home soon..hope they have something to cheer her up..owh ya,khai sent a present frm UK..she loved it smpai bwk pegi skolah hahaha..its gd to c her smile like tat..

hapi 12th bday dear sis..
hope u'll have a grt life ahead of u n have the blessing from Allah <3

October 5, 2008

Sem break!!!>_<

yeah,too busy too write anythin..yela,raya was 1 thing..then thr was final coming up rite after raya so yeah,no time..n sori 4 na,iz,izzah n hafiz fr nt attendg u peeps nye open house..love to,but cant unfrtunately..last paper on sunday which was my worst sub(crazy yo doing exams on sunday..come on la..bg rest xleh ke huhuh)..but alas,all is done,time 4 cuti..sem break which'll last 3 weeks only..not more k(syukur la gak dpt lme gini).n yeah,once again i gtta b the man of the house..mom n dad went to the States,khai still in UK,ads kat offshore n fuzz at s'pore..so tat leaves me wit my lil sis..sheeshh,deja vu again??ntah la..but hey,at least i'll be able to drive any car rite??(huhuhu menyalah gunakn kuasa muahahaha)...darn it,4got i still have to b my sis's driver..well,had my time with my bros b4..guess its my turn to taste it,rite??
p/s:mind the date..just continued the draft huuhu