March 17, 2011

ma first work!!!huhuhuh gracias to my partner, cik anna!!pasni collab lg nk hehehe

posting period has come!! huhuhuh.. its been quite a while and for some reason, i didnt have the motivation to go through it. first, i need to find back all the stuff needed (visit miss piqah's blog yek. da ade smua di citu kekekeke). then, to wake up early since morning shift starts at 7am while evening starts at 2(dunno y im awake rite now???? -_-") and finishes at 9pm. aiyark, first time working till night since previously, due to some problem, the latest we worked ourselves was till 5pm. rite2, positive mate!! neways, 2 days has pass n i take back what i mentioned earlier. morning shift was great (so far), budak2 satu ward lak mmg gua tabik!!seyes tabik kat korang!! oh2, and also a major respect and admiration boost to our CI, sr Meriati!! damn, the way she performed the procedures smua. smpai xleh nak ikut!!! makes me think, when will i'll be able to be like her hmmm. oh2, was off the phone with my parents. Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah. my heart jumped with excitement hearing them supporting me in this field. doesnt matter what the future may hold, but hearing those word is good enough for now. thx mum!thx dad! just 2 more problems: assignments and exams!!*sigh* "boleh x nak focus kat praktikal je?xmo amik exam?pleeeeaseeeee?? *puppy eyes* ROFL!!!ok2, i know no matter how bulat i do, it still stinks kekekeke. miss elyn, watkn puppy eyes bagi pihak aku leh?? hehehe..

sr Meriati!! thank you for the guidance. hope to learn more from u =)


miss red said...

im happy for you:D

miss red said...

happy for you:D