December 19, 2010

Inculcalating leadership skills among medical students

alrite2, lets do some live bloggin for a change today. it'll be a first so sori if it aint much hahaha

up goes Prof Dr Ariff in his red batik on the podium, beginning his talk on "Inculcalating leadership among medical students".

Leadership Game
performing various activities with the student such as documenting various topics.
".. usually the secretary are the ladies, which i don't like.anybody can do the secretary job, not only the ladies."

"...leadership has to be learn this way, as a game"

""...ajari aku cinta was an interesting topic regarding on puberty and all."
"MBBS is not enough. MBBS means members of back benches society."

"yesterday i've talked alot so today i just go straight to the topic". perghhh,laju gak habis

Dr Aishah being the first to the mic.
"its high time for doctors to work with other than among themselves".
*currently things are getting hot here hahahaha*

Dr Zaki from somewhere, didnt manage to ask it
"we're inculcalating some programs.what are we doing in terms of research?"
Dr Ariff respons, " know more on the creation..."
"medications, in malaysia has become industry".
"we need doctors, future leaders to deal with these issues."

Mr. Rahman
"everywhere we talk about problems on mutual respect between peers..."
"doctors scold nurses etc..."
Dr Ariff, "hopefully we can take in account what he has mentioned."

Dr Ariff asking a few additional minutes from the moderator
talking about the book of the prophet s.a.w

Mr Moderator, "you've completed what i wanted to say..."
hahahaha nice one

Dr Remy, "...maybe in our next session we can consider to call Dr Aishah as our speaker..."
alrire, done with first session.. not much though..just trying to stay awake..up to next session.

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