December 19, 2010

social responsibility of muslim health care worker - Dato' Dr Abdul Razak Bin Hj Kechik

Dr Abdul Razak, "...nicely mention about the cili padi. but if you swallow it, you'll get diarrhea. so that is not me!"

showing his achievement: tokoh ABIM, Maal hijrah n lastly Maulidur rasul

explaining a few on surah Al-Ma'un
"kalau ko buat aku, jangan buat maksiat! kalau buat maksiat, jangan buat aku!" a deep meaning regarding solat..don't take it directly peeps. understand its true meaning.

"...the aqidah of this surah is that to be a muslim is not only solat, but you must also help people. otherwise your solat will be rejected!"

"he who wakes up in the morning but does not care about the affairs of Muslims is not one of them" (HR Al-Bukhari)"
"he is not one of them, who takes his fill when the neighbour is hungry".

" cannot be a true Muslim without this aqidah".

"...the mentioning of solat work before solat. doesnt mean solat is not important!but meaning that social work is also important!"

"...kerana kita tak sayang akan saudara kita itu..."

elaborating on the hadith regarding the prostitute giving water to a dog, which her sins were then forgiven
"...why does the man with a big turban is not mentioned?why does a prostitute is mentioned?"
"...there are no prostitute here, so i am addressing the wrong people!!"

"you enter syurga not because of your solat because your solat is destroyed. why? because there is no khusyuk!build a mosque but not accepted! why? because for show!"

"Prophet Muhammad said," on every bones of our finger(start counting people), everyday must have a sedekah""

"...refrain from harming others.that is considered as sadaqah also..."

"jangan tolong benda yang haram, atau dengan benda yang haram!" Dr Razak stressing out that matter.

"verily, every intention is based on your niat".

"to do a work, must be professional."

"as Mulim health worker, we must understand the disease in the view of Islam"
"disease is a test from Allah. the more you are tested, the more you are loved by Allah".

"there is no disease that befall a mukmin but ALlah will forgive is sins and Allah will record it as a reward from him and elevate him.(At-Tabrani)"

the man who will go to Hell - a hadith mentioning the Prophet s.a.w asking a Badouin regarding fever and headache. (HR Bukhari, Ahmad, An-Nasai, Ibn Hibban, and Bazaar)

"...have to stop. Dr Ishak is looking at me now."
showing some slides of activities done on social charity.

Dr Saifullah from PPUM for the Q&A, "what is the secret for how you can sustain this noble work of yours?
Dr Razak, "...Allah shall not reveal another ayat until this ayat(surah Al-Ma'un) is practiced.(based on the prophet's time)"

", and feed the poor".
" motivate ourselves, read the sirahs of the prophet and sahabahs"
martnong was snapping a few pics of the talk, readily dressed like and IP today.

Dr Ishak, "its good to see someone who has retired from the government but not from his deeds".

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